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Hip Replacement

Precautions After Surgery

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10/04/2012 - 11:19

General rules of total hip replacement that the patient needs to follow are:

  • In the first six to eight weeks after the operation, the individual receiving a total hip needs to avoid bending the hip beyond 90 degrees. This can be achieved by keeping knees below the hips when sitting. Sitting on a small pillow can help with this positioning. Avoiding sitting in sofas or couches which may cause excessive bend at the hip.
  • Avoid bending over from the hip to reach the floor.
  • Avoid crossing the surgical leg over the non-surgical leg. When sitting, it is good advice to keep the legs three to six inches apart.
  • Avoid turning the operated leg inward, i.e. pigeon-toed.

Contributing Author: Guy Slowik FRCS

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Hip Replacement

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From Andrew Maynard - Chair of the University of Michigan Department of Environmental Health Sciences, with help from David Faulkner - 2013 Master of Public Health graduate.